11 Most Followed Celebrities On Twitter

Who really is the most popular celebrity in the world?

Who is the most popular person on planet Earth? Using Twitter as a measuring stick, we can actually answer that question. Unsurprisingly, when we researched the ten most followed people on twitter, every single person was a celebrity. A majority of these celebrities were singers, although there was also a TV host, sportsman and even a politician! However, you could argue that we follow these "celebrities" not so much based on talent or respect, but more based upon intrigue. Call it being curious or plain old nosey, but we can't resist getting a glimpse into the lives of the famous elite. They in turn can't resist giving us that glimpse - they are keenly aware that to maintain their fame they must feed the fire. A combination of these celeb tweeters making the effort to engage, and our own irresistible curiosity, has made the following men and women the most popular people in the world.
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