11 Reasons You Should Definitely Date A Netball Player

No jokes about ball control…

Netball might not be the most glamorous sport (in terms of the money spent by TV companies and supporter numbers) but it€™s important to the players. Introduced to most children during primary school, those who fall in love with it usually play it for the rest of their lives; either for recreation or professionally. It€™s a sport of discipline and rules: with each position on each seven man team comes great responsibility, and tight restrictions on players€™ movement to certain areas on court. Imagine footballers having to remember that many rules. Being a netball player means that you develop a very particular set of skills and each are transferrable as important life lessons that will inevitably enrich your life and most importantly the lives of those around you. So why wouldn€™t everyone want to make sure their next girlfriend is a netballer?

11. Patience

Patience is an essential skill when explaining the rules to those who aren€™t familiar with the game. €œWhat do you mean you can€™t run with the ball?€ €œHow is that even a sport?€ €œSo... you just stand still for the entire game?€ No. No we do not. Regardless of what the limits sound like, netball is a fast paced game and having the ability to receive, assert the court and pass on the ball to another player before you€™ve even landed is a skill in itself. Having patience is something you need to learn and is essential in life, as well as in relationships, considering the fundamental fact that men and women tend to speak different languages entirely.
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