11 Struggles Of Always Being Tired

If you were a dwarf, you'd be Sleepy and Grumpy rolled into one.

There's nothing physically wrong with you, you're just tired. You're tired when you do nothing, you're tired when you do a lot and you're tired when you do a little. It doesn't matter if it's Summer or Winter, you're able to nap in the sunshine or during a snow storm. And no one really gets why. You're not exactly a pensioner so you can't really blame your weird sleeping addiction on your old age and you're not a child but your bedtime is definitely around 9pm. You explain to people that you have to get up early for work and to be honest, not many other people get up at 6am every morning. But that's nine hours of sleep, surely you should be able to function on that? Every morning, after your nine hours of sleep which frankly, aren't enough, coffee is a necessity. Not because it's a part of your routine but because it's the only thing you drink that early in the morning that is strong enough to keep you awake, and is legal to drive after taking. So if you find yourself yawning morning and night, you'll probably be able to understand a few of these struggles.

11. Some Days You Just Can't Even

There are some days where you'll want to get up and do things but you just can't. If you got up out of bed and dressed, it would ruin your life and sometimes you just need to listen to your body. If your mind is screaming 'yes' but you're body is evidently saying 'no', then you're going to listen to the latter. This is fine during the Winter where you don't feel as guilty for not getting out of bed because it's cold and snowing; but when it's hot and sunny outside, you'll probably feel a little bit bad. Not as bad as you would feel if you actually got dressed.

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