11 Things That We All Really Want From An eBook Reader

Amazon is going to release a new version of the Kindle on 25th October called the Kindle Fire. Currently the demand for e-readers is growing, although not to the extent that it eventually wipe out all demand for psychical copies of books. After all, they still make vinyl records. The growth in formats is causing lots of people to wait to see which device will be the Blu-ray and which ones will join the Betamax. I have wondered about getting one, but I thought about what would make me really want one. Beyond a cover sleeve that says €˜Don€™t Panic€™. So I've come up with this list of apps and features that I think any electronic book reader should have. I am not talking about storage or how it reminds you of turning a page. I€™m talking about things that have hit a nerve with all readers. Any e-reader that comes up with these, is certainly going to have my money.

11. Pop-ups That Remind You Who This Character Is Again

A little box of text that will remind you who this character is and what they are doing. This is for works which bring back characters who disappeared in the early chapters, by which time you have to start turning the pages back to remind yourself who they are. It can also help with stories where characters have similar sounding names so you lose track of them. This can help with those sagas that are dragging on because the author thinks a physical copy of a novel has greater artistic merit if you can stun somebody with it.
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