12 Disturbing Photos With Horrifying Back-Stories [VIDEO]

Things aren't always as they seem.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vd7tJ9CSewY The beauty of photography lies in capturing a specific moment in time. Great photographers will sometimes wait days for a moment worthy of being preserved, but it's often those 'off-the-cuff', quick snaps that capture people and places at their most honest. Either way, when all is said and done; what we see with our own eyes may not accurately reflect what was happening in the moment, as the shutter snapped. Like all artistic mediums, we can take away our own interpretations from a photograph, but we often can't account for the things we can't see. An image is a window to a scene and if the image looks innocent enough, we don't give it second thought €“ it's just a roadside scene or a happy family picture. Who's to say that the roadside scene isn't the final resting place of several missing children, or the site of a grizzly pile-up that claimed the lives of 30 people? When you start to spend maybe one too many hours thinking about this kind of scenario, the internet begins to bring you into contact with a whole range of images that, while they look innocent enough, if not a little disturbing, actually have some pretty horrifying back-stories. Spending time around these images makes you start to question everything you see and reaffirms the belief that nothing is ever as it seems. So with that in mind, we decided to go through a mountain of these images to bring you 12 of the most disturbing images with horrifying back-stories. Please note that this video contains images that some viewers may find disturbing.

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