12 Famous Companies Who Worked With Adolf Hitler

Which world-renowned fizzy drink was engineered especially for the Nazis?

Adolf Hitler led Germany into World War II - a conflict during which up to 85million people lost their lives - and orchestrated the Holocaust, as a result of which some 6million Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, cripples and political prisoners perished. The Nazi Party created devastation on a scale never witnessed before by humanity - yet they did not do so all by themselves In fact, many world-renowned companies and modern-day market leaders actively engaged with Germany during the 1930s and 1940s - with some even supplying the war machines and equipment to the Nazi government that were then used to gas millions of Jews. What's more, one of the globe's best-loved fizzy drinks was originally produced for the Nazi-German market by a company who is synonymous with the beverage market in the contemporary world - and Hitler himself even designed the world's best-ever-selling mass-produced car. Although it must be stressed that some of the companies who feature in the list are German by origin - and therefore it is perhaps understandable that they co-operated with Hitler and the Nazis - many are not. There are a select group of Swiss and, most prominently, American businesses who continued trading with Germany during World War II, and even supplied products and weaponry to the Wehrmacht. Here are 12 companies who traded with and supplied Hitler and the Nazi Party during the Second World War.

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