12 Most Controversial Joe Rogan Experience Guests

Controversy creates cash, and Rogan's podcast has become more infamous because of these guests.

Alex Jones JRE

Comedian and UFC commentator, Joe Rogan, has one of the most popular podcasts in the world. Consistently producing up to three episodes a week, Rogan and his variety of guests discuss topics from MMA, pop culture, and politics. Seemingly willing to talk to any type of guest, Joe has excelled in the art of conversation and welcomes discussion about almost anything from any political or philosophical slant.

Depending on your belief, The Joe Rogan Experience is either a format where the masses can be misinformed and therefore misled by a myriad of ‘bro-science’ or a platform where public figures, with differing views and opinions, can share their messages with the world all in the name of entertainment and dialogue.

The podcast, and Rogan himself, has been a key aspect in the rise of the ‘intellectual dark web,’ a space where people with outsider views on topical, philosophical, and political issues can practise free speech without reprieve.

Talking to guests from a plethora of different walks of life, the comedian/UFC commentator’s podcast can be insightful, comical, or controversial.

12. Jordan Peterson

Professor of Psychology, clinical psychologist, author and spokesperson, Jordan Peterson is infamous online for his advocacy of free speech.

First appearing on JRE in 2016 to voice his protestation at the enforcement of gender pronouns in Canada - claiming that if someone did not honour an individual’s choice of pronouns (from a list of 44), they could face jail time - Peterson’s public image as a ‘father-figure’ to the alt-right exploded.

In later episodes, Jordan Peterson discussed his lack of faith in the future of institutional education due to the left-leaning bias of academics. Peterson argued, without emphasising his personal political beliefs, how can colleges or universities educate without bias when material presented, and many of those presenting, contain their own political motivations.

Peterson was catapulted into mainstream media for his warnings, which peaked when he appeared on Channel 4 debating Cathy Newman.

For his episodes with Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan has been labelled an advocate for the alt-right, proving Peterson to be an incredibly controversial guest with the ability to cloud the perception of those associated with him.


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