12 Myths About The Human Body Debunked

The human body is capable of many things. However most of us often get these facts wrong. Do you?

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It is important that we know ourselves and what we are capable of in order to get through life mostly unimpeded. But this is hard to accomplish, with the sheer volume of misconceptions surrounding our own bodies.

Many times what we are told by those who are meant to educate us is often untrue. This can be said for countless things most of us were taught in school when we were young. But this blame cannot be solely put-upon teachers, who likely were also taught the same things when they were younger.

A large amount of these myths may have even come from: a lack of knowledge, lies, or even misinterpretations of the work of others that have been perpetuated across society and the internet, which only serves to increase these fallacies further.

People have a tendency to share this misinformation without understanding the truth from fiction, often when it serves their own ideals and narratives well, such as alcohol warming up the body. This is not in fact true, and likely came from someone wanting a drink.

However, in these days of scientific research we can now discredit a great deal of these delusions, in order to combat this spread of these inaccuracies.

With that in mind, here are 12 myths and misconceptions about your body debunked.

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