12 Problems Only Those From Surrey Will Understand

Why is everyone complaining about Orange Wednesdays cancelling? Don't they have a cinema room?

Surrey Uk Sign Surrey, one of the safest places in the UK. The last time the police were called was when a marquee collapsed at the country fete and several guests fainted with the shock of it all. The weather is often most delightful but never enough to get the most out of the outdoor pool and the tennis courts, which really is a shame. If your mother has a cupcake business, you find yourself saying 'what have I been up to? Did you not read my blog?', you broke your iPad so had to use the replacement and you have to constantly wear a belt so your own heavy wallet doesn't make your trousers fall down; then all these things most certainly are evidence that you are from Surrey. Typical issues include having nowhere to put the Christmas tree until the gardener has returned from their festive break, not being able to find a housekeeper who speaks one of the four languages you mastered at boarding school and to top it all off there's the ongoing stress of which really are the best countries to travel to during gap year. Here are some further worries and issues those who live in the county have to endure...
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