12 Reasons 'Clean Eating' Is Actually Soul Destroying

Does anyone actually ENJOY gnawing on the end of a celery stick and sippin' a glass of carrot juice?

TohoToho"Yeah, I quit sugar", "It's HONESTLY the healthy way of life" and "Acid free - alkaline living!" are all quotes you may have read a lot lately. Hashtags such as '#healthyliving' and '#eatcleantraindirty' are probably ones that pop up on your Twitter feed more often than not, along with well filtered Instagram photos of people€™s perfectly prepared veg-fuelled meals. Currently littering social media, cooking shows and bookshelves, the trending additive-free way of living is great if you're happy to cleanse, juice, become vegan, cut out caffeine, and never eat meat again... but what if you don't want to do that? What if you're happy putting a little milk on your cereal, or having a slice of cake that isn't made entirely from raw ingredients? It's about time a little honesty was brought upon this lifestyle choice. We aren't saying eat takeaway every day, but when you're being sniffed at by your colleague on the desk next to you for eating bread or a piece of chocolate as they kick back with a celery and cucumber juice; just flick through these home truths, because 'this would be so much better with less sugar'... is something no one said. Ever.

12. Juicing

tumblrtumblrBecause nothing satisfies hunger more than liquids that resemble dirty dish water.

11. Chia Seeds

TumblrTumblrIt's like frogspawn, but in your mouth.

10. 'Quinoa'

Friends - That's Not Even A Word GIFNBCKee-noir? Qin-noer? HOW DO YOU SAY IT?!

9. Gwyenth Paltrow

TumblrTumblrAnd if Gwyenth encourages it, then you know it's going to suck the fun out of everything you once enjoyed.

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