12 Reasons Why You Want Taylor Swift To Be Your Best Friend

She'll tell you why you should never get back together, like EVER, with your rubbish ex.

Ahh Taylor Swift, the girl with a heart of gold and you wish that she was one of your best friends. One of the reasons that she's so popular is because her lyrics are always very honest which makes her relatable to every teenager who has ever lived. Albeit the majority of her songs are about heartbreak and how love can go wrong very quickly, but who doesn't not know that? She has lived the life of every teenage girl in the whole world who has liked someone, went for it, got knocked back, cried about it (a lot) and then sort of got over it. The only difference between you and Tay Tay is that she's turned her negatives into a positive and she's now a multi millionaire. It's true, life isn't fair, but at least she does perk up your day whenever she gets played on the radio. She's also a genuinely nice person which just makes everything so much better. She's cool, she's sexy and just gets life, so why wouldn't you want her to be a part of your wolf pack? She's sold over 40 millions albums worldwide and every time you watch her video for Bad Blood, you want to be one of her warriors. She's also just stood up to Apple about their streaming services which leave artists unpaid for three months, and as a result of this, has pulled her 1989 album from being streamed on the company's new service. Apple has since backed down and will pay artists for the three month free trial. You go, girl. So if you're ever lucky enough to meet her, you'll try your best to make a good impression so that you can become BFFs.
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