12 Things You Discover When You Go Bald

Lessons only the follically challenged will recognise.

Baldcover Gif For men everywhere the prospect of going bald can strike fear into their very being: it can be seen as a loss of masculinity, and leave them open to ridicule and a lot of head slapping. But, as a man who is himself going through such an experience, I'd like to shed light on how ridiculous that misconception is. You see, there's nothing wrong with going bald, we follicly challenged folk will be laughing in our riches earned from no longer being enslaved by the shampoo industry, while the rest of you live in hairy squalor. And if you're enraged by such a reality, good luck catching us, as we're now far more aerodynamic, and can therefore reach speeds you can only dream of. But there are some strange discoveries about the world to be made once you begin losing your hair, so join me in an exploration of the most bizarre things which happen to you once your hair abandons ship.
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