12 Things Only Charmed Fans Will Understand

*shimmers* Balthazar out.

It's hard to believe that it's been 11 years since the show ended back in 2006 but you can never seem to get enough of the three (well, four) sisters. The Charmed Ones: a sisterhood of sexy witches who used their powers to fight off evil and demons, whilst looking flawless, and hardly ever wearing a bra. If that wasn't entertaining enough, it was definitely empowering for all women who watched the show over the eight seasons, especially when they brought in the fight scenes. The main theme of the show was love, and what made it so special was that it was a strong, united love that bonded the sisters and their powers together to the power of three. They also taught you that you didn't need a man and that it was okay to love yourself. Although when Leo and Cole came along, you could kind of see why you'd want to have a man, even if you didn't need him. The end of season three broke everyone's hearts when you thought Piper had died but then it was Prue who left, and the power of three was strangely left intact. Paige, the half witch, half whitelighter, was introduced and although it was fun and refreshing for a while having a different sister, it just wasn't the same without Prue. So take a trip down good witch memory lane and refresh yourself with those demon vanquishing sister that you idolised back in the early late nineties to the early noughties.

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