12 Problems Only Tall Guys Will Understand

With great height comes great responsibility.

Tall Problems Gif

Dwayne Johnson, James Cromwell, Tim Robbins, Vince Vaughn, Tyler Perry and Liam Neeson all share one thing in common; they are all over 6ft 4€™€™. So surely when you€™re head and shoulders above the rest, literally, you should have every right to access the same glittering Hollywood career as these giants. Yet the only time you find yourself in front of a camera is when someone is asking if you could €˜just duck down a little bit more.€™ It started from the first growth spurt but like many others it never really stopped until you begin to notice the familiar faces of friends has now become very familiar heads of hair from above. Frustrations from your parents because you were outgrowing all the clothes they had bought you at record speed and even in the playground you became more the protector than the potential boyfriend. What they promised you was a blessing and a unique quality was actually a curse. Now everywhere you go there is always someone ready to take you on as a personal challenge, drunken nights out nowadays you will always comes across that one loud-mouth shouting €˜Hey, you Big Guy€€™ and that is truthfully only the start of your problems€

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