12 Times Adolf Hitler Has Been Totally Owned In Fiction

Because punching the Fuehrer square in the face is cruise control for cool.

Adolf Hitler is known for many things. He was a failed painter and a decorated veteran of World War I, and from the early 1930s to the mid-1940s, he served as both the chancellor and dictator of Germany. He was also leader of the Nazi party, responsible for the spread of World War II, and attempted the mass genocide of the world's Jewish people in what would be known as the Holocaust. It's that last bit that tends to rub people the wrong way, leaving many a person who lived during that time with a burning desire to punch Hitler in the face. Incidentally, his horrific actions have also left many who didn't live during that time with the same urge, an urge that will no doubt last far into the future...
Until such a time that time travel is invented and someone finds a way to charge admission for the privilege of decking Adolf, people have instead chosen to find ways to express their desire vicariously through various mediums of fiction, be it the written word, the printed page, the silver screen, or interactive entertainment. In fact, "doing something bad to Hitler" has become shorthand for telling your audience not only that you're supposed to cheer for the person doing the deed, but that they're incredibly badass as well. As Hitler is a figure considered by many to be the ultimate villain in both real life and in fiction, seeing him get his comeuppance in one way or another can provide a certain amount of glee in both writer and audience alike. Or, if you prefer it in wrestling terminology, doing something bad to Hitler is the ultimate "cheap pop." Cheap, but usually good. There is no shortage of these instances out there, but a particular handful have forever etched themselves into the minds of those who appreciate popular culture. Here then are 12 such times Hitler has gotten what was coming to him- be it physically, psychologically, or both- from some familiar faces in popular works of fiction.
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