13 Celebrities Who Owned 2013

Seemingly no one did anything without a hashtag attached, and we all sat around and watched it unfold.

As the world continues to get smaller, the impact of celebrity is felt more strongly across the continents. Thanks to Twitter and Instagram and every other little niche social network out there, if a celebrity passes wind in Los Angeles, people in England know about it before the smell is gone. Perhaps no year in the history of time illustrated this reality as much as 2013, as everything that happened in celebrity was known worldwide in the instant it was happening. Seemingly no one did anything without a hashtag attached, and we all sat around and watched it unfold. This is likely to be the case going forward, as humanity is known for it's obsession with two things: more and bigger. 2014 will outdo 2013 in terms of celebrity excess and influence, and that will be outdone by 2015. Who knows how things will look in a decade? Deeper thoughts for another day, those. For now, let's look at 13 celebrities who absolutely owned the year that was 2013.

13. One Direction, Music

What's better than seeing your music career blow up only a few years after meeting your bandmates on a reality show? How about seeing it blow up to the point that you're among the richest people under 30 in the world, and at the top of the heap for your home country? One Direction is the ultimate example of modern celebrity, selling records and collecting awards at a torrid pace after televised beginnings and a swell of online and social media support made them stars. They even found themselves the subject of a documentary by heralded filmmaker Morgan Spurlock in 2013, the simply-titled This Is Us. With their popularity only growing on the global scale and no one in the band above 21, it's conceivable that their massive 2013 is only the beginning. They could be much higher on the list come 2014 and beyond.

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