13 Places We Might Go When We Die

Kids - Peter Pan Movie Peter Pan says, in the legendary book by J.M. Barrie, "To die will be an awfully big adventure." I agree; it is the one mystery that we will never solve, while we are alive. Some people believe they know the answer from their religion, other people trust in karma, while many refuse to give it any thought at all. Raised Catholic, rejected Catholic, and curious about other religions and spiritual beliefs, I've read many views on this subject. In life, logic always serves me well, but after-death is matter of pure blind faith. I love The Godfather movies, but it always annoyed me when, in #3, the Don (Al Pacino) confesses his long list of sins to the Cardinal and receives absolution. In theory, this means that he will go straight to Heaven, but a baby dying before being baptized will get tossed into limbo = not fair and not logical, which is why, I am not a great fan of organized religion. I consider myself spiritual - I believe in a greater something, I hope we're all here for a reason, and I have faith that everybody will get what they deserve in the end - whatever and whenever that end may be! What follows are my top 13 - we are very close to Hallo'een, so 13 seemed quite appropriate - places we might go when we die. I've been inspired by traditional beliefs, Doctor Who, many films, and my own imagination. Please post in the comments section any ideas you have or what you think of mine...enjoy...thank you...

13. Nothing

The End This is the most boring and annoying option - that we live, we strive, we do our best - or not - and, when our body finally packs up on us, then we, our mind, body, and soul, just ceases to be. What a waste! And what would be the point? The only way I can think of that ending being logical would be if we never mattered at all - that our perceived existences were actually part of board game, that we were all pawns, to be played with, by the Gods playing on Mount Olympus, and when our role has ended, that is it. Our fate is out of our hands and nothing we do matters. Not my favorite choice.

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