13 Very Real Struggles Every Chav Has Been Through


It's hard to see why anyone dislikes Chav culture - after all - they're always hanging round streets for daily intimidation, sucking bongs in nice public parks and peeing in shop doorways. They're just making the place cosy, really. Little do the general public know that as soon as benefit money goes in, it's spent on fags, booze, Ugg boots, and getting random people's names tattooed on their body. It's a bloody hard life to keep up, and they get nothing but grief for it. Then there's relationships. You hang around hot spots (bus stations, sexual health clinics, McDonalds etc) looking for a potential partner; only to have them sleep with your aunty, cousin and dog after two days together. They'll deny it, of course, but that's nothing you can't sort out by going on the Jezza Kyle show for a lie-detector test. Unless you've fully embraced the Chav way of life - socks in tracksuit bottoms an' all - you'll know nothing of the problems that follow. And if that's the case, you better not try to be clever. Seriously. Are you trying to be clever? Eh? EH?
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