13 Things We Learned From Shanghai Disneyland Previews

China here we come!

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Last week Shanghai Disneyland opened its doors to an invited group of people to experience the brand new theme park.

These previews are designed to test out the park, see if everything works as it should and if something isn't right then to fix it. They also allow Disney to see what guest reactions to the park is like. Do the visitors like what they see or are there some things that just aren't as good as the Disney wizards imagined?

Since the soft openings started Instagram and Youtube have suddenly began to fill up with images and videos showing the rest of the world just what the new park is like.

All of us poor, unfortunate Disney fans who were not on the guest list have suddenly become tormented by the spectacular images from the lucky few thousand who have made it through the doors of Disney's latest park. It looks good, real good.

With all these images and videos coming from the park there is a lot that we can learn about Shanghai Disneyland.

Here are some of the things that we now know thanks to the soft openings...

13. The Castle Is Huge

We already knew the castle was set to be the largest of them all but it isn't until you see photos from the opening weekend that you realise just how big it actually is.

Enchanted Storybook Castle houses a restaurant, character meet and greets, Bibbidi Bobbed Boutique, the "Once Upon a Time" Adventure and The Voyage of the Crystal Grotto. With all that going on it has to be big.

It also looks beautiful inside. Disney seem to have gone all out when putting together the interiors for the castle. There are murals, carvings and a chandelier that is more than impressive.


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