The 14 Most Hilarious Things That Happened In 2014

Just another year on Planet Earth...

You've probably forgotten a lot of things that happened this year already. Stories such as Robin Wiliams' tragic suicide, the miraculous Rosetta landing and, naturally, the revealing of the new Star Wars trailer will all be fresh in your memory. Some events, however, will have slipped to the back of your mind, possibly to be rehashed at a pub quiz in 2030 or something. We're talking about the slightly less depressing news stories - the one's that may not have moved the world; shocked and scarred us like the ISIS beheadings, or saddened us like Peaches Geldof's death. As the year is soon to come to a close, and 2015 draws upon us, it's time to look back at the little bits of hilarity that bounced around news channels and social media over the past 11 and a bit months. After all, we all need a break from the mundane and misery sometimes.
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