14 Internet Memes We're Totally Obsessed With Using

These memes are everywhere. True story.

True Story Barney The internet is an interesting tool in today's day and age. People have the aptness to merge their creative thoughts and express themselves on the worldwide web. Whether it be through graphic design, journalism, or social networking, everyone has had a piece of the internet pie. Based off how technological innovation and access to the internet has progressed, memes have become something of a cultural phenomenon in today's generation. Mostly originating on 4chan and spreading into Reddit (or vice versa), iFunny, and other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the rise in creative internet memes has taken on a whole identity for itself. Hundreds of memes now dominate the land spread by the internet's eternal reach, and their effect on the real world is something to be marvelled at. It's now normal to travel to a local restaurant, school, or mall and hear someone use one of the now-famous memes used in today's pop culture generation. Cases like the "Condescending Willy Wonka", "Doge", and "Said No One Ever" are among the most popular, and the cultural trend of bringing them from the digital age and into our natural conversations is something to gawk at. For one, it displays the internet's ability to fully engulf our imaginations into its trends. As technology progresses, so too does our ability to create extensions of our lives and humour, resulting in more memes streaming from the woodworks. Out of the massive gathering of memes, there is a narrowed-down list of fourteen singular selections that have captured our attention the most. These specific memes, in my opinion, have amassed huge popularity with not only the internet, but amongst the real world too. Whether it be around friends or family members, sometimes the urge to let slip one of the famous meme catchphrases or captured expressions is impossible to resist. It is then decided, therefore, that we have become moderately obsessed with utilizing memes in our day-to-day lives, either on the internet or in person. So, let's began the meme countdown with #14. . .
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