14 New Buttons Facebook Needs More Than Dislike

A reaction for every idiot...

So after years of angry and insistent calls for its addition, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has finally relented and unveiled plans for the long-fabled Dislike button, naturally restoring order in the Internet world by allowing everyone to simply express their most defining emotion: hatred. It marks something of a departure for Zuckerberg, who has so far resisted calls to add further buttons to the site in fear that it would inevitably be over-taken by trolls and the socially outraged. And while it's a good start - for everyone aside from the social media "experts" running giant corporate brand accounts who will get to see the other side of the coin - there's far more work to be done. Since everyone in the known Internet world is on there, it needs to be a broader experience, offering a greater spectrum of reactions that will stop most of the site's users' most infuriating behaviour patterns.

14. GIYF

Function Google Is Your Friend. An invitation to turn off Facebook and look at a site designed to actually provide answers. Perfect For The people in your feed who seem remarkably unable to use a search engine to find the simplest of facts. "What time do the shops on the main road close?" "Is the Chinese takeaway open on a Sunday?" "Does this wart look infected?" Facebook might be a community, but asking any community for their opinion in place of fact is considerably less helpful (and far more annoying) than most posters would ever expect.
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