14 Most Haunted Objects From Around The World

Sometimes the things you own, end up owning you.

Whether you believe in ghosts and the supernatural or not, there are some things that you just cannot explain. You'll hear a noise or a voice coming from another room when you're the only person in the house, you'll feel like you're being watched, something or someone will bump into you and you'll suddenly feel cold and under observation. You'll try to think of the most logical and rational explanation for these 'experiences' and, sometimes, you just can't. You'll hear stories of people who have been possessed by a demon, their houses are haunted by former residents and you have no idea why your dog continues to bark at nothing during the night. You might just say that everything happens for a reason and all of those people who touched that cursed necklace died from underlying health issues; it really had nothing to do with some urban legend. Or did it? Could ghosts really exist? If if you're not a believer, some people are adamant that there is an other world or a realm that is parallel to ours, and it houses all of those tortured and forgotten souls of the past. If you are sceptical, is there a part of you that wants to believe in this other plane? Surely there has to be more to life than going to work, raising a family and then going to rest for all eternity. Is this life preparing us for the next or do we just cease to exist as soon as our heart stops beating? Whether you're a believer or not, there are some objects out there that are said to be haunted, and they've got the death tolls on their side to prove their supernatural powers.
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