14 Most Haunted Objects From Around The World

10. Valentino's Ring

Rudolph Valentino was considered to be one of the greatest silent actors of all time and it wasn't until he bought a ring that everything went pear shaped for his career, and for himself. He bought a ring in the 1920s and supposedly, when he showed off his new purchase to a friend, they had an image of him as a corpse. Valentino shrugged off the premonition but ever since this encounter, he was plagued with bad luck. His career flopped and he died not long after, his lover who also wore the ring became mysteriously ill, and the person who played him in a biography of his life also died having worn the ring. Years later, a man named Joe Casino bought the ring and waited seven years until he thought the curse was lifted until he wore the ring. He died a week later. Is fashion worth dying for?
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