14 Problems Only People From Manchester Will Understand

14. Being Forced To Have A Mayor

In 2012 the people of Manchester were asked the following question; "would you like to have an elected mayor?" The majority (53%) of respondents to this question said "No." Now Manchester loves a bumbling Etonian toff as much as the next northern industrial city, but we just didn't want our own version of Boris Johnson running things. This wasn€™t a poll on the M.E.N website or something, it was an actual, official, city-wide referendum. But three years is a long time in local politics and a lot can change, especially when there€™s an electorate to patronise and a referendum to completely ignore. So guess what happened next. Here's a clue; It's George Osborne talking about Manchester€™s new elected mayor. Surprise! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or1CBw-WKsg
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