14 Signs That You're A Mean Girl

You probably don't care that someone else just has a lot of feelings.

Mean Girls Make Up Mean Girls is a film that will stand the test of time probably because your children will be forced to watch it to understand the origins of 'Fetch' and why you refuse to wear any colour apart from pink on a Wednesday. It's one of the most quotable films out there and it is still continuing to attract a new fan base, particularly amongst the boys - although you should probably refrain from reciting the whole script and showing off your Jingle Bell Rock routine on a first date. Apparently that's not the 'cool' thing to do. Whether you're a wearing ham on your face loving nerd or a total Plastic, there are a few signs that are blatantly obvious to tell if you're a Mean Girl in real life, in which case, you should probably start being a bit nicer because you'll never see that bus coming.

14. You Actually Wear Pink On Wednesday

Mean Girls Wearing Pink Gif Gif

Casual Fridays and Christmas Jumper days are the only dress codes that you should take notice of in terms of daily dressing. People who assign specific clothes to different days (unless it's the days of the week underwear in which case you need to wear Wednesday on a Wednesday as that's just stressful) are just weird. Wear what you want, you might not even be in the right frame of mind or in the mood to wear pink until Friday.
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