14 Things All Girls In Their Early 20s Fantasise About

Sometimes they can keep you up at night.

Pretty Little Liars Ali Secrets Are Safe With Me Gif Gif Being in your early 20s can be the best and worst time of your life because you've finally reached that stage in your life where you're on the road to finding your feet, becoming financially independent and you're trying to discover who the person is that you want to be. You want to establish yourself as someone who knows what they want from life and you also deserve to have fun along the way, without any judgements. At this stage you either fall in to one of three categories: you're picking out your wedding dress, you're spending most nights getting drunk or you're neither of these things and all you do it work and wonder what changes you can make. Regardless of what category you feel like you fall in to, you probably have a few of these fantasises in common.

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