15 Amazing Websites You Didn't Know Existed

Been an online Indiana Jones. Fedora optional.

The world wide web has a lot of hidden secrets, just waiting to be found. You see, the internet is a series of tubes, and...wait, that's not a good comparison at all. The internet is a wild west frontier where anybody can do anything...hm, that's becoming less true as the days and weeks go by, too (thanks a lot, Al Gore). Okay, no, we got it: the world wide web is just like, well, the world. The IRL one that we live in. There are the places that people go everyday - Facebook, the coffee shop, your email inbox, the toilet - and that everyone knows about it. They're part of our default routine. They're nothing special. Take a walk off of the beaten path once in a while, however, and you might find something amazing. Something that most people have never experienced, that people aren't even aware exists. Like, imagine you're Indiana Jones - we'll give you a second to settle into how cool that would be - and you spend most of your time in a stuffy school, doing boring stuff like reading from textbooks. That's the regular internet. Then on your off days you go raiding tombs that have been abandoned for centuries, that people doubt the existence of, and find hidden treasures of which most people can't even conceive. That's the secret parts of the internet. Websites that aren't listed on search engines, pages that are tucked away in directories and are expressly not supposed to be found, neat tricks that coders have implanted in the backbone of entire systems, or just the fiendishly dark "wrong side of the tracks" of the world wide web. You'll find them all here, in fifteen amazing websites you didn't know existed.
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