15 Bizarre British Laws You're Probably Breaking Every Day

Think you're a law-abiding citizen? Well, think again!

Everyone British likes to think they're a law-abiding citizen, right? It is with pride that people lawfully declare their income and pay the correct level of tax, do not steal from their local shop or racially abuse their fellow British citizens. Granted there are certain illegal acts that people wilfully and knowingly commit on a regular basis - for example speeding on the motorway, parking on double-yellow lines or streaming films illegally - but on the whole the majority of the British public like to stay within the parameters of the law the majority of the time. Yet there remain some arcane or bizarre laws and Acts on the British statute books which technically make everyday activities which every single person does illegal. From allowing their children to play football in the street, to being drunk in the pub or queuing up to get a ticket for the London Underground, British citizens are unwittingly breaking the law on an almost daily basis - but thankfully are escaping prosecution for it. But what are these everyday acts that are technically illegal due to the finer points of certain British acts and statutes? Well, here are 15 everyday activities which technically by the letter of the law are criminal offences - and which you have undoubtedly broken during your lifetime...

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