15 Celebs With Astoundingly Uncool Real Names

Their real names the celebs want you to forget.

50136 Olivia Wilde Eyes Gif Pandawh F1xh Gif Since the dawn of entertainment itself, those who aspire to rise above the rest and have their name go down in history have strived to do anything and everything possible to make sure that us mere mortals remember them. For some, that is as simple as just being really talented, as in, they're actually good at what they do immediately and don't need any extra help in achieving fame. But for others, the name can either be just the start, or even the key to their success lasting the years. Take that not in any way plastic-surgery-ravaged gentleman in the picture above. That esteemed fellow is Englebert Humperdinck, a crooner who is, if we're being honest, only remembered in terms of musical contribution for "Release Me" in the sixties. But what a name he has, and I guarantee to you that most who hear his name never forget it, because it is simply so fantastically absurd that it refuses to leave your brain. But what makes Englebert's name all the better is the fact that it's not his own, which means that he actually chose to be known as Humperdinck of his own accord. It's a genius move in terms of making sure people remember who you are, but less so in terms of personal affairs, such as signing for things at the post office, or entering your own name on a smartphone login. Englebert's real name is the much more wholesome sounding Arnold George Dorsey, which truly is a forgettable name if fame ever heard one. So what follows is an investigation of sorts, looking into the stars of film, TV and music who have changed their given name to something which sounds a lot more audience friendly and spins a great deal higher an amount of money. But, unlike Humperdinck, who went from plain to downright bizarre, we're looking at those who went for Fonzie-style cool over ordinary. Warning: the follow list contains moments of unremorseful immaturity.
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