15 Greatest Stephen King Short Stories Of All Time

The greatest tales from the master storyteller.

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Stephen King is not just one of the greatest novelists currently on the go, but he has been one of literature's most prolific short fiction writers since the 1970s. Many of his stories are pure horror, focused on macabre monsters, grisly murders and told by unreliable narrators, but he also has his fair share of heartbreaking tales.

A master of not just conjuring up sinister creatures that lurk in the shadows and horrid people who may well exist within society, King has an uncanny ability to draw up compelling and powerful characters and events in a very short period of time. With a novel, readers have hours of reading to get to know the characters and story playing out; with a short story or novella, King is able to maintain that incredible detail and narrative power even when he has less time to share his vision.

The following list will take a look into the deepest, darkest pits of Stephen King's bibliography, from the stories that spawned a franchise, the stories that make you think, the tales that make you reminisce, and the novellas that make you squirm and think about what you've just read for hours after you've turned the last page.

Stephen King is a visionary, a true master of his craft, and these tales prove it without question.

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