15 Very Real Signs Your Relationship Has Reached A Whole New Level

Any deeper in that comfort zone and you'd be drowning.

There comes a point in every romance where you let it slip that you're human. Oh, drat my completely natural body functions, forbidding me to appear as the fart-free, perfectly presented unicorn I actually am! If you truly love the person you let that true anthropoid slip out in front of, though, magical things can happen. Private moments become shared moments; and while they're probably the most unflattering situations a significant other could possibly be involved in, they work as cement to form an unbreakable bond between the two of you. Once the special person in your life has heard you empty your bowels after an insufferably spicy Vindaloo, there's no going back. Long gone is that first date, where you preened until your skin radiated enough energy to power a smartphone; your hair smelt like a harem of angels and the mints you took with your were so curiously strong that they bore a hole in your pocket. You're the real you now, and sometimes, it's not all that pretty.
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