15 Seriously WTF Items You Didn't Know You Could Buy On Amazon

"Customers who viewed this item also were arrested"

All hail Internet shopping! Before it, we all had to wait in endless store queues and communicate with actual humans, snots an' all. Then along came Amazon, the big shiny e-commerce company to take our card details and ship stuff whenever we want it; and all from the comfort of our own home. Another advantage of Amazon is the discretion - you can casually place an order for latex squirrel masks and ninja machetes without those suspicious glares you get in shops, all delivered in one innocently bundled Amazon package. On the surface of the website you have Kindles, electronics and a rubbish selection of clothing: not to mention an endless array of kitchen utensils and "Frozen" merchandise. It's only as you begin to dive further, you start encountering items like condom kits covered in laser-shooting foxes and tubs of radioactive ore. Alas, this is only brushing the surface of the mother of all weird. Once you pass this point, there's no going back. You're now exploring the darkest spaces of the deep Amazon ocean, and a lot of it is, quite frankly, gravely disturbing.
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