15 Signs You’re About To Be Fired

Better pack up your desk, cause you're ooouuutta here!

You€™re worried. It€™s ok, it happens to everyone at some point. And it is usually followed by a few difficult months, with very little money and very little to do. The good news is you€™ve spotted the signs and you€™re aware of what is happening. Hopefully. If you weren't and you aren't you're in the right place. Get ready, because we have engaged in thorough research, lost several high paying jobs, and interviewed around zero people at the local job-shop just to find out exactly what happens directly before your head hits the chopping block with enough force to bounce you into early retirement. Frankly, if people are giving you weird looks and whispering behind your back while you're at work, there can only be two rational explanations. Number one is that your toupee is awful and you should accept the fact that some people go bald. The other (admittedly more likely) prospect is that your time for this world (or at least, job) is short and you should begin the turgid and unfulfilling task of finding new employment. Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones and this will merely sour your weekend until a new, higher paid role falls into your lap bright and early on Monday morning, or perhaps you live in reality and it's gonna be a difficult six months. Buckle up champ, if you recognise any of the signs in this article, a storm may be on the horizon.

15. The Whispers

If it€™s happening to you, you€™ll be hearing the whispers. It starts out innocuously enough, conversations stop when you walk into the room. You hear your name whispered across the office floor€ Or did you? Weren't you meant to be invited to a meeting? Is Joe the Boss looking at you through his office window? These are all the signs of the rampant paranoia most people experience before they lose their jobs. The only problem being it isn't paranoia! Yes! It's actually happening, you're a walking conversation stopper because everyone knows what is happening. You're first in line to be kicked out of the door, and yes, Joe the Boss really is keeping quiet tabs on you throughout the day. He's watching you from his office window just to make sure you have no idea what's coming. But thanks to us, you do know what's coming... You'll need to make certain though before you do anything rash.

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