15 Things Nobody Admits They Do On Facebook

Friending faux pas

Facebook's evolution is far too complex to be measured by the amount of smart phone updates we receive and, since its launch over a decade ago, the website has grown in size, user base, functionality and pretty much everything else that comes to mind. You name it, founder Mark Zuckerberg has built it into the site and subsequently expanded upon it. But while we've long waved goodbye to unlike buttons, weird digital gifts, 'My Notes' and statuses that start with an "is," one thing that has stuck around is our melting pot of secret little quirks. These are the things we do on Facebook behind the glitz and glamour of a top notch status or image post, but wouldn't ever admit to doing - not even to our closest pals. Nothing too creepy, mind, just oddball antics that would leave you prime for a ribbing if they ever came out in the open. That's the aim of the piece, to lay bare those cringy acts of social networking skulduggery and all have a chuckle at our own expenses. Because, let's face it, everyone that reads this forthcoming feature is guilty of committing at least one of the faux pas on the list. Readers beware.
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