15 Things No One Tells You About Valentines Day

Love stinks.

Inbetweeners1 Gif If Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, then what does that make Valentines Day? It's either loved or hated, that's for sure. Regarded by many as a commercial opportunity for card-makers and florists, you're kind of expected to make an effort on February 14th, whether you want to or not; even if you're single, you're encouraged to tell someone how you feel, even if you have to get a little bit drunk first. Apparently, £622 million was spent by UK men on gifts, nearly double of that by women; doesn't that seem like a lot to you, considering most of us don't see Valentines Day as a particularly important celebration? It's just a flowers and some chocolate kind of a festival. Does it really matter at all? Can you get away with doing nothing? There are plenty of couples that don't exchange presents, after all. Let's dispel some of the myths; here are fifteen things that no one tells you about Valentines Day.

15. It Really Is More Acceptable To Watch Die Hard Than The Notebook

14. But If Your Other Half Insists On A Rom-Com, Remember To Watch What You Want Next Year

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