15 Walt Disney World Snacks You Must Eat

14. Poutine

The poutine games are strong at Walt Disney World. There's even a shop dedicated to this delicious carb loaded treat at Disney Springs. Get it with either the traditional cheese curds and gravy, bolognese topped or even a stroganoff inspired one.

To get your fix at Epcot head to the Refreshment Port. Here you can get the Canadian Cheese Soup topped Poutine.

Where can I get: The Daily Poutine, Disney Springs & Refreshment Port, World Showcase

How much: between $5.99 and $9.49 (before tax)

13. Mickey Premium Bar

Did you even go to Walt Disney World if you didn't get a Mickey Premium Bar?

Where can I get: Everywhere! Usually found at small carts all around the parks, or in a quick service location at hotels.

How much: $5.00 (before tax)


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