16 Problems Only A Skype User Would Understand

And no, turning it off and on again doesn't fix anything.

Skype Broken How does the world€™s biggest video and voice call provider make you want to smash your PC or phone into the nearest wall or window? Millions of us around the world use Skype. It€™s become a necessity for so many people, and yet something so popular and important in modern technology is regularly less reliable than a man dressed in stripes and a balaclava holding a shotgun to a bank manager€™s head. Every Skype user has to endure a whole selection of problems. Why? Who knows. Many people have unstable internet, but when you combine it with the way Skype is poorly maintained, it can only lead to extreme frustration a lot of the time. If you ever use Skype and are forever rolling your eyes at your phone, tablet or computer screen, you'll definitely be nodding your head at some or all of the following 16 problems so many of us suffer from...


Paramount PicturesApatow ProductionsSometimes your call has background noise: it can be bearable, and at other times it can be so hideously loud you'll need cotton buds for your bleeding ears. Better get used to it because it will be more regular to your routine than bowel movements. Once in a flying-pig-unicorn-blue-moon the sound quality might be quite clear and deadly silent, which will lead you to believe the other caller has left the room.

15. Connecting... Connecting... Connecting

Cookie Monster Waiting Gif ...Well, are you going to connect and ring through? No? Hello, Skype? Skype?! It seems it's having more fun telling you it's "connecting", when really it is doing N-O-T-H-I-N-G. "I can't get through!" "Neither can I!" "It's supposed to be a call app, but it won't actually call." "I can think of a more apt name for Skype. It still starts with the letter 'S', though."

14. Realising You've Told An Anecdote To Mr. Nobody

Universal PicturesUniversal PicturesSo, you're finally having a great chat with your friend, colleague or loved one. You are itching to tell them a weird, interesting or hilarious story about something that happened. You jump straight in and go into detail and then, all of a sudden, you grow suspicious of the fuzzy noise you hear. "...Wait. Hello?" Turns out they haven't been able to hear your voice for quite some time and you have to reconnect and start your story ALL OVER AGAIN. Thanks, Skype!
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