16 Sex Problems Only Women Will Understand

Boobs aren't detachable, boys.

Coitus. Intercourse. Sexy time. Is there anybody out there who doesn't love having sex? You can burn calories, get intimate with someone that you like and love, and just have a jolly good thrash around the bedroom with each other. But let's face it, there are some things that you don't really like happening in the bedroom. Whilst sex can be amazing, it also comes with its fair share of problems that really need to be addressed. The biggest one is that sex is never like how they show it in the movies because it's messy, you're sweaty and sometimes, the boys just don't know what they're doing. And whilst you may feel like you're sort of winging it too, you're not the one who is trying to rip off your partner's nipples, believing that it's sexy... Everyone has some sex horror stories that can take a long time to recover from before it starts being funny. So if any problems do arise in the bedroom, it's best to just confront your parnter straight away and work through it together. Tell each other your likes and dslikes, otherwise, they're going to think that you absolutely love having sex doggy style because you faked an orgasm that one time when you were doing it to make them feel better. You don't even like doggy style. So here are some sexy time problems that the majority of women will be able to relate to.

16. The Awkward Dirty Talk Stage

There will be some of you who don't mind a little bit of dirty talk between the sheets, and there will be some of you who absolutely dread it. You're completely out of your comfort zone, he's waiting for you to say something and all you can think about is the hilarious scene from Scary Movie 2 where things get a little too dirty... You might be happy to sext because you don't have to say those words out loud and you've probably concocted those sexual descriptions with the help of your friends and unfortunately, when you're in the bedroom, you're on your own. Talking dirty makes you feel vulnerable and besides, you'd rather he just get on with it as opposed to telling you everything he's going to do first. And then it's even worse when he stops, looks at you, and says 'hi'. Mate, we're having sex, we literally greeted each other a while back - where have you been? Cringe.

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