17 Body Parts You Didn't Know Had A Name

Heads, shoulders, knees and... Lacrimal Caruncle?

Autposy Rembrant

We'd like to think that we know most things about ourselves, but it turns out that there are a huge number of our own body parts that we've not even bothered to learn the names of. Rude.

Well, now is your chance to make amends and get on first name terms with some of the more obscure parts of your anatomy.

Aside from being able to impress people with your useless knowledge of the human body, getting to know these parts might actually enable you to pick up on abnormalities that you wouldn't have otherwise noticed, and you get to show off to your doctor by dropping in the correct term (trust us, they just love it when you do that).

17. Glabella

Frida Kahlo

Hello dear reader, meet Glabella. That's the name for the flat area above your nose and between your eyebrows.

Its name comes from the Latin word glabellus, which means hairless but, as even the best of us know, that isn't always strictly the case. But, hey, if Frida Khalo can rock a monobrow and become one of the world's most famous artists, then don't let that get you down too much. And maybe invest in some good tweezers.

Incidentally, if you pinch your glabella and the skin stays "tented" after you let go, then it could be a sign that you're severely dehydrated, so it's even useful for something!

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