17 Creepy Places You Can Visit On Google Maps

Google: exploring places you'd never want to be in real life.

Remember the old-fashioned days, back when you actually had to leave your house to explore the world? Yeah, it was total rubbish. Fortunately, the increasingly omnipotent Google corporation has been consistent in offering brilliant alternatives to stepping out the front door. Since unveiling Google Earth and Google Maps back in 2005, the company has been on a mission to photograph the entire world and present it in easy-to-use software that just about anyone can use. In recent years, Google Maps has become the number one most popular app for smartphones in the world, proving the worth of the company's decade-long project. Google Maps isn't just notable for being a convenient way to find your way around. There have been some incredible things captured on Google Maps, particularly from Streetview. While many have led to some beautiful pieces of photography, there have also been a number of discoveries that are a bit... odd. This article takes a look at some of the creepiest places and incidents ever discovered on Google Maps. With bizarre gangs, encounters that the participants would prefer to stay secret, and camera glitches that have resulted in horrifying imagery, these entries make a convincing argument for only ever exploring the world from your computer.

17. LOST: Striped Cat, Goes By Name Of "Mr. Cuddles"

You've heard of Google Earth catching killers in the act. This screen grab from Streetview shows off a different kind of killer though, as a Bengal tiger appears to prowl the streets of a U.S. town.
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