17 Haunting Photos Of People Moments Before Their Death

Tragic images of people in their final moments.

For a millennia, the last words spoken by people before their death have been considered to be of high importance or significance, as they represent the final mark they leave on the living world. Today, with the prevalence of technology and media, it's not wholly uncommon for a person's final moments to be captured visually. Live broadcasts, mobile phone pictures, and even photos taken by the victims themselves have all managed to capture people in the final seconds of life.

A high number of these occurrences have taken place with regards to celebrities or other famous figures, who are more likely to have a camera on them at any given time. In certain bizarre cases, it was actually the taking of the photo that caused the death in the first place, granting an even greater sense of melancholy to the resulting image.

This list takes a look at 17 truly haunting photos that chronicle the very final moments of people's lives, whether they were aware of that fact or not. Please note that some of these entries may contain disturbing content, and may upset more sensitive readers.

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