17 Insanely Detailed Pop Culture Portrait Tattoos

Taking obsession to a whole new level.

Some fans show their love by simply €œliking€ their favourite film on Facebook or following their favourite star on Twitter. Others, take their passion to the next level by wearing fan shirts or bearing subtle symbols like the Deathly Hallows on their skin. Then there are the die-hard Potterheads, Starks, Lannisters, District 12s and Whovians that go all the way and dedicate a space on their skin so they can carry their favourite stars with them wherever they go. Tattoos are no longer just for soldiers, Olympic athletes or prostitutes. With the ever increasing skills of tattoo artists, it's now possible to create photo realistic portraits of our favourite actors, characters and even scenes. It's like Da Vinci, only not boring. Of course there are some fans that will grow out of their obsession, embarrassingly having to cover up their "Team Edward" or My Little Pony tattoos for the rest of their adult lives. But hey, what are long sleeves for? Here are some portrait tattoos on fans that decided to take their obsessions to the next level.
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