17 Most Shocking Madonna Moments Ever

Snogging women, erotic literature, sexual stage shows - well what did you expect? It's Madonna.

2015, the year Madonna was set to make her big comeback with a new look and a new album. Her Brit Awards performance had millions tuning in to watch her close the show. As she ascended the stairs in her huge cape, she got caught in a tangle with her dancers costume and dragged down three flights of stairs, her live microphone sending an echoing thud around the arena and the world watched as the Queen of Pop dragged herself off the floor and just got the hell on with it. This is Madonna, the mind behind 'that bra' and 'those videos', there is little else she can do publicly that will cause shock because from her head to her toe we have seen everything there is to see. She is the artist with the most banned videos on MTV, causing controversy with hits like Justify My Love, Erotica, What It Feels Like For A Girl and American Life all being refused airtime. She has sold more than 300 million albums worldwide and with pending world tour ideas for 2016 floating around the rumour mill, this is one woman who knows how to cause a commotion. Miley, Rihanna, Lady Gaga - you thought you knew how to create a storm but sit back and watch the master at work in her most shocking moments of all time...

17. Handing Over Her Worn Knickers To David Letterman

Madonna David Letterman Gif Madonna has often been cited as one of the most difficult guests to have on a talk show. Known as being rude, obnoxious and just no fun. When she made an appearance on Letterman in 1994 she came on the show clutching a pair of her own knickers. She repeatedly asked Letterman, who was completely unprepared for this event to smell her undergarments during the interview, she got frustrated when he wouldn€™t comply and demanded €˜wait a minute, you€™re not going to smell them?€™ Cue a very embarrassed and a very shocked chat show host.
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