17 Stages Of A Sunderland University Night Out

Every perfect night ends with a Proper Roast...

University is without a doubt a great experience. A chance to broaden your horizons, intellectually challenge yourself and meet new people. Or to see how drunk you can get for as little money as possible. Obviously. Here at the University of Sunderland learning to locate a Murray Library computer, how to tactically skip lectures and budget half your loan for Costa and Starbucks are only some of the experiences on offer. Wednesday nights will open your eyes to a new world of drunken dance moves, pound drinks, trebles and the best takeaway on earth. Here in Sunderland we go hard, or we get a Proper Roast and go home. Here's 17 stages that we've all experienced on a Wednesday night out.

17. The Hype

It€™s the morning of the impending drunken night, and the party clock begins to tick in the heart and soles of all Play regulars. Wednesday lectures will be spent discussing what pre-drinks to get, whose flat or house you€™re about to take over, and how you will all get there. The hype for the night lasts all day and you're just waiting to get a taste of that sweet, sweet own-brand vodka on your lips.
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