17 Things You Think About When You're Working Out

I've been to the gym twice this week, why aren't I ripped yet?

Exercise 90s Style Gif Gif For many of you out there, going to the gym is the worst part of your day. Whether you feel like you're not fit enough, not really sure what you're doing or if you feel self conscious about being (what you think) is the biggest person there, you should learn to enjoy it and ignore those silly voices in your head. Everyone was new to working out at one point in their lives so if you are the newbie, then you need to remember that it'll take you a while to get into the swing of things - just don't expect to look like the Rock after a month of eating right and working out. Regardless of whether you pay for a gym membership or you work out at home, there are some things that everyone can relate to - mostly to the voice screaming inside your head, "why are you doing this?" This is obviously the clean version of what you actually think. Everyone is in the same boat and probably thinks exactly the same when it comes to people hogging the squat rack to take a selfie instead of you know, squatting.

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