18 Embarrassing Things Your Boyfriend Does When He's Alone

And you thought he was so grown up...

Chandler Bath Gif A candid look behind the closed doors of Man World, where sniff tests exist on a number of levels, where napping is a genuine hobby, and where all feminine cleaning products are to be explored - and if they smell nice, tasted. These strange creatures will never be fully explained to us. Perhaps it's best that we keep that distance. But you must wonder from time to time what your man gets up to when you're not around. You know fine well that you'd hate to think he knew what you got up to in your own time, mainly because private time is code for time to do embarrassing that wouldn't normally do in front of your other half. So naturally you want to know! There's nothing more suspicious than coming home and asking your boyfriend what he's been up to and getting the response "nothing, just chilling." Well here's your chance to finally find out what the elusive silence means. Rest assured none of these revelations are something you need to be worried about. They're just a fun way to embarrass your man by knowing what he gets up to in his alone time!
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