18 Every Day Moments That All Girls Love

Some of these are better than sex...

Max 2 Broke Girls Woot Woot Gif Gif Being a girl is difficult: boys have it so easy in comparison that sometimes you wish that you could cut out the drama and just be a dude; but then you instantly change your mind because you remember that you'd have to live with an actual penis and most of us do that already. Having a busy schedule can mean that you sometimes miss out on a lot of the big things; whether it's a catch up with friends or that date that you've had to rearrange so many times that you're glad he's still sticking around, therefore embrace the many little things that we have to look forward to in our hours of consciousness. The little things really do matter and this is across all aspects of life - from relationships to getting the last bit of chocolate cake - it matters! So why not take notice of the little things in your life that you genuinely enjoy doing and try to bring some more positivity to your day.

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