18 Mind-Blowing Facts About KFC

Who is this Colonel Sanders anyway?

KFC Chicken "Kentucky Fried Chicken" - a name synonymous with delicious, crispy, calorific poultry (with chips on the side, of course). Everyone has enjoyed a trip to the fast-food franchise as a youngster to share a "family bucket" with their parents and friends. As a child there was no greater pleasure than dipping your hand into a KFC bucket and seeing which cut of chicken you had picked out at random. In fact, KFC has become so popular that it is now the second-biggest fast-food franchise in the world in terms of sales - behind only McDonald's - and has a presence on six separate continents. Seemingly, no-one can get enough of the famous fried chicken - doused in 11 secret herbs and spices - and people just keep coming back for more of it. But when did the famous fast-food outlet begin? Who is the man known around the globe as "Colonel Sanders"? Why did KFC tell the population of China to "eat their fingers off"? Which world-famous guitarist plays concerts around the globe wearing the iconic KFC bucket on his head? And where do the company keep the secret recipe for the 11 herbs and spices they use in the batter for their fried chicken? Here are 18 mind-blowing facts about KFC...
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