18 Most Hilariously Depressing Meals Ever Posted Online

Sometimes a sandwich at your desk isn't always the worst thing.

Let's face it: everyone has had their culinary off-days. Maybe you were between pay-checks and your fridge was more condiments than fresh food, or maybe an attempt at something gourmet had failed miserably, leaving you to scavenge and salvage what was still edible. Or maybe it was just one of those lazy days when you'd settle for pretty much whatever resembled food. Incredibly, these days are more frequent for some than most. People are committing atrocities in the name of lunch every day, creating "meals" that are so absurd that only the very drunk or the very unhinged would usually choose. Whatever happened to a simple sandwich or a cup of soup or something? Next time you're complaining about your limp lettuce or slightly damp bread spare a thought for some of the poor folks below - most of whom shared their meals with the deeply disturbing Saddeskmeals.com - who completely changed the definition of food...
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